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Interview with Cupán Fae Author Quinn Clancy

Quinn Clancy is a writer and programmer from Dublin. Fascinated by fantasy at a small age, she has consumed everything passed down from her equally fantastic minded family. Quinn has been a member of Cupán Fae for three years and has contributed stories to the Cupán Fae Anthologies: Fierce Mighty, Fierce New World, and Fierce & Proud.

Where do you get your ideas?

They vary over different places and items. Sometimes I’ll mishear something and my brain will think of a random scene that I’ll start building around. Other times I’ll have a jumping point like the anthologies.  I also love looking at tropes and want to try writing them for myself. Fierce Mighty was a mix of that, wanting to do the friends to lovers trope, as well as trying to think of my setting. I actually have quite a history built up for that world and want to dive back in.

How would you rank character, plot, and setting in order of importance in a story?

Character, plot, and setting. I’m a huge character person. I find I love stories based on the characters. I can enjoy a book with great characters and average or poor plot a ton more than poor characters with a great plot. Settings are definitely more of a flavour and I can love the lore and worldbuilding a huge amount but if that’s what I’m into I’ll pick up books on anthropology.

Do you write on a typewriter, computer, dictate or longhand?

I’m that weird mix between longhand and computer. I find switching between the two when I’m in a rut or getting writer’s block can really help unstick me. There’s also something soothing and relaxing about writing longhand that I love. I’d love to get into dictation, especially for converting my longhand into Word.

What is the funniest typo you’ve ever written?

It’s not so much a typo as poor spelling but I remember a secondary school short story I wrote that had scones instead of sconces. Luckily it was meant to be a horror, and small fruit buns nailed to the wall is definitely a scary thing.

Publishing or Self-Publishing? Why?

Growing up traditional publishing was really the only option available so I always assumed I’d be traditional. As self publishing became a thing, I kept leaning towards trad for one reason only, not wanting to focus on marketing. However as I’ve grown up and looked more at what’s happening with trad and how marketing and promotion is one of a few things that is universal between trad and self publishing, I’ve grown ambivalent to going trad. Self publishing has a lot of pros that can be cons depending on the writer, but I feel strongly I could do well that way. But that little kid would still love the approval of trad publishing and an agent.

What’s your one piece of advice for new writers?

Try out all the advice you hear, and then keep the ones that feel right and help you be your best writer.

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