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By Ellen Brickley Decopunk is one of the more glittery punk genres, inspired by the technological innovation and decadence of the interwar period of the twentieth century.  Some writers consider Decopunk a subset of Dieselpunk, which focuses on the same time period but deals with the heavier tech of locomotives, early air travel, machine guns, […]

Paul Carroll 
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Cupán Fae’s 2019 Advent Calendar – Day 12, Pocket Prompts

Time for some shameless self-promotion! In October, I launched a new product, called Pocket Prompts – writing prompts and creative thinking tools to help stories develop and blossom. A deck comes with 25 double-sided cards, providing a total of 50 prompts across three categories: Character, Plot and Setting. For the sake of creating something that […]

Paul Carroll 
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6 Christmas Reads to Get You in the Mood

With Christmas right around the corner, I turned to the Cupán Fae Facebook group to ask for recommendations of books to read to get in the mood for the upcoming holiday. With a couple to throw in myself, here are six Christmas reads! 1. Hogfather, by Terry Pratchett IT’S THE NIGHT BEFORE HOGSWATCH AND IT’S […]

Paul Carroll