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By Ellen Brickley Decopunk is one of the more glittery punk genres, inspired by the technological innovation and decadence of the interwar period of the twentieth century.  Some writers consider Decopunk a subset of Dieselpunk, which focuses on the same time period but deals with the heavier tech of locomotives, early air travel, machine guns, […]

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Interview with Cupán Fae Author Ellen Brickley

Ellen Brickley is a novelist and essayist. Her writing has appeared in Banshee literary journal and the Irish Times. She was the recipient of a Literature Bursary from the Arts Council in 2017 and is currently working on an essay collection. Ellen has been a member of Cupán Fae for four years and has contributed to Cupán Fae Anthologies: Dublin’s Fierce City, and Fiercepunk.

Helen Carroll