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Advent Calendar Blog Writer - Paul Carroll

The Season – Day 23 of the Cupán Fae 2019 Advent Calendar

A poem by Paul Carroll. They say “Tis the season”,But rarely quantify the statement, Barely justify the reasonWhy we battle down the pavement For gifts and trinkets galore,To wrap up messy or neatBefore we go door-to-door Upon our weary feet.We do not talk of whyOld friends and family unite,Whether to smile or cryAt good news or at plight.Annually […]

Paul Carroll 
Advent Calendar Blog Writer - Helen Carroll

Red Robin – Day 13 of Cupán Fae’s 2019 Advent Calendar

A poem by Helen Carroll. Red Robin,Pale coffin,Distant thunder rumblesLike a bauble tumblesFrom a withered tree.I see your image haunting meAs glass shatters on the presents,A ghost of Christmas past and present,No future ‘cause it’s dreaded.The wrapping paper’s not torn, it’s shredded.Christmastime will never be the same,Watching robins through the windowpane,I’m writing nativities on walls […]

Paul Carroll