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Paul Carroll  

Cupán Fae’s 2019 Advent Calendar, Day 20 – Contagious

Review and gift idea by Paul Carroll.

I love marketing books, which always seemed to shock people when I was nineteen and studying to be an English teacher. Contagious by Jonah Berger is probably my favourite, and certainly the one that I recommend most often.

Like all accessible books on business and marketing, Contagious is a book of stories. It tells of different marketing principles at work, and how they were successful in real life. Aside from learning about marketing, I got to enjoy reading about small businesses all over the world.

Why is a marketing book a good gift for a writer?

  • Marketing is storytelling, and good marketing books are good examples of great storytelling
  • Marketing is essential if a writer wants any sort of success
  • Marketing goes hand in hand with writing, even if it seems scary at first, and books like Contagious demystify the process

Why this book specifically?

The answer is simple: I found it engaging, and it has a neat summary at the back that serves as a go-to guide when I need a reminder of the contents.

It’s also not that big, and it’s already in paperback, which makes it affordable. And it would go well with Side Hustle, from earlier in the Advent Calendar. Just saying.

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