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Advent Calendar Blog Short Story Writer - Tommy Arrigan

Operation Finland- Day 14 of the Cupán Fae 2019 Advent Calendar

A short story by Tommy Arrigan. “Gentlemen, ladies, please. Order!” A general sort of settling-down ensued, although not without mumblings and grumblings from the assembled personages. Medals of honour twinkled and tinkled as well-fed buttocks shifted in search of comfort, straining the pants of uniforms that had once fit better. A morning of discomfort awaited. […]

Paul Carroll 
Advent Calendar Blog Writer - Helen Carroll

Red Robin – Day 13 of Cupán Fae’s 2019 Advent Calendar

A poem by Helen Carroll. Red Robin,Pale coffin,Distant thunder rumblesLike a bauble tumblesFrom a withered tree.I see your image haunting meAs glass shatters on the presents,A ghost of Christmas past and present,No future ‘cause it’s dreaded.The wrapping paper’s not torn, it’s shredded.Christmastime will never be the same,Watching robins through the windowpane,I’m writing nativities on walls […]

Paul Carroll 
Advent Calendar Articles Blog Writer - Paul Carroll

Cupán Fae’s 2019 Advent Calendar – Day 12, Pocket Prompts

Time for some shameless self-promotion! In October, I launched a new product, called Pocket Prompts – writing prompts and creative thinking tools to help stories develop and blossom. A deck comes with 25 double-sided cards, providing a total of 50 prompts across three categories: Character, Plot and Setting. For the sake of creating something that […]

Paul Carroll 
Advent Calendar Blog Short Story Writer - Axel Kelly

The Professor Who Saved WinterTide – Day 8 of the Cupán Fae 2019 Advent Calendar

“…and the fallen bridge has cut us off completely, so we can’t get any special food for WinterTide and my little brother and sister won’t get their presents this year.” Robin read again, “Please help us, Professor! Everyone says how clever you are – you invented the telephone and those Hopper machines that carry the […]

Paul Carroll